American Corner Prizren welcomes organized small and large group visits from schools, kindergartens, and other organizations or even a group of interested individuals.

Guidance on group visits:

We encourage the organizer to contact the American Corner Prizren at least two weeks to one month in advance. This will give the staff enough time to include your visit in the calendar of visits. We prefer to contact us through email at

We appreciate if you provide us the following information when contacting us:

  • Name of the organization
  • Name of the contact person; email; telephone number
  • Intention day and time of the visit
  • Do you intend only a simple visit/tour of the Corner, or you expect to be involved in some activity?
  • Age group of visitors
  • Do you have participants with any disability
  • Do you also intend to visit other sections of the library, and if you have already contacted anyone else from the Inter-Municipal Library regarding this visit.

Send us an email with the above relevant information to us at: