American Corner Prizren officially opened on April 27, 2006, and is a partnership between the U.S. Embassy Pristina and the Inter-Municipal Library in Prizren.

American Corner Prizren is located in the Inter-Municipal Library in Prizren. Membership is free and open to registered users of the Corner. The collection includes reference materials, fiction, English language teaching materials, pamphlets, periodicals, videos, CDs, and DVDs about the United States and American culture. Free Internet service is also provided for educational purposes. The American Corner regularly hosts English language classes and activities promoting American culture.


The mission of American Corner Prizren is to build and strengthen relationships between U.S. and Kosovo, showcase American culture and values, promote English language learning, encourage study in the United States, and foster goodwill and mutual understanding.


American Corner Prizren exemplifies the U.S. commitment to a core tenet of democracy: a citizen’s right to free access to information. It provides authoritative information about the United States and connects American and Kosovo citizens, and build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. It aims to achieve the following goals:


  • We will maintain and promote a current collection of English Language books and do weekly programs related to English Language learning, such as conversation clubs, book discussion groups, and game days.
  • We will maintain a current EducationUSA collection and conduct EduationUSA programs in cooperation with Student Advising Center and other partners.
  • We will seek to identify local alumni and involve them in Corner activities.
  • We will promote cultural information and exchange through promoting our collection and conduct programs related to American Culture.
  • We will promote and facilitate exchange of information about the U.S. through programs, the collection, and promotional brochures.