American Corner staff, volunteers and general library staff are responsible to keep order in the Corner. When clients use the Corner, they should be aware of others’ presence.

  • Users should be able to show their membership card when borrowing a material whether in-house use or checking out an item.
  • Users cannot reserve a seat for their friend(s). American Corner or library staff are not allowed to reserve seats for users. Everyone should be treated equally on first-come, first-served basis.
  • The American Corner is free and open to all members of the public. Registration is free of charge and required to check out materials.
  • Users should work quietly. Loud talking, playing of music and talking on cell phones are prohibited.
  • Users may photocopy or print upon the prior permission of the Coordinator. Please see the Coordinator or an American Corner Volunteer for assistance with the photocopy machine.
  • Any member of the public may use the American Corner computers. If other patrons are waiting, a time limit on use of the computers may be imposed.
  • Users may not download or install software or any application on American Corner computers. Users may not change the computer configurations or save documents or files on computers.   Browsing sites with explicit sexual content is prohibited.
  • The Library and the Corner will do its best to support users in their activities.
  • Users may address any of their requests or complaints directly to the Library management or to the American Corner staff.

Violation of any of these rules gives the American Corner Coordinator the right to prohibit the user’s access to the computers and to the American Corner.