American Corner Prizren welcomes volunteers to help with Corner’s many activities and daily work. We usually advertise an open call for new volunteers around the start of the new academic year; however, you are free to send an inquiry to us to see if there is any position available at:

Who can volunteer?

Everyone with good ideas can join the pool of our volunteers.  You can become a volunteer at the corner by helping Corner’s staff during programs. In this way, you will gain experience and also help out expand our services. Also, you, as volunteer, can propose and create programs and activities together with Corner’s staff. For example, you can organize a conversation group, give a lecture, give presentations or just help out with technical and administrative work.


There are many benefits the volunteers, the Corner and Community have from volunteers work.

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Get the Corner and the Library membership card by default
  • Get access to electronic databases, including eLibraryUSA
  • Use of Corner’s resources, such as limited photocopying, printing
  • Build organizational skills
  • Acquire new technical and administrative skills
  • Gain project development and implementation skills
  • Develop a sense of self-esteem and pride from helping others
  • Receive a certificate of completion by the Library.

American Corner benefits include:

  • Expand the services of the Corner
  • Improve the level and quality of interaction between the Corner and its clients
  • Add expertise to the Corner

The Community benefits include:

  • Create positive image of the Corner in the community
  • Bring local ideas to Corner’s events and activities

What jobs they do

Our volunteers are involved in doing various jobs, including: take lead in organizing events; helping out in organizing events; decorating the corner; help in planning; specific programming, storytelling to children, teaching English, book discussion clubs, music programs, movie sessions; organize special events; designing brochures; maintaining IT, cleaning computers, checking for viruses, checking eReaders (kindles, iPads) for unauthorized content or software; outreach to schools, universities, etc.