Members have the privilege to borrow materials outside of the Corner.

The following loan periods are available:


MaterialsLoan PeriodLimitRenewals
Books designated for circulation (including last copy books) 10 days3Renewable for an additional five days
Magazines10 days1 issueNonrenewable
DVDs10 days2Nonrenewable
Games (Only teachers)5 days1Nonrenewable
E-reader (kindles, etc.) (in-house)Two hours1Nonrenewable


Overdue, Lost and Damaged Items

Delinquent members, who constantly return their materials late, may lose their borrowing privileges. Members who have overdue materials will be denied borrowing privileges until materials are returned or accounted for.

In case of lost or damage items, borrowing privileges may be suspended for a period of time.

In-house use of e-Readers

When borrowing an e-reader, you will be responsible to abide to the following rules and requested to sign this form:

  • E-readers can be used only in the American Corner Prizren for two hours at a time.
  • Proof of identification/age and a signed release form are required for borrowing an e-reader.
  • E-reader devices cannot leave the building under any circumstances.
  • The e-reader must be in your care at all times and cannot be left unattended.
  • You may not delete or download new content onto the e-reader. Please see staff member if you have a specific content request.
  • You may not de-register the e-reader or change the account settings.
  • The e-reader must be returned directly to a staff member do check back in. it may not be left at the desk if no staff member is present.
  • Device will be inspected for condition and content before and after use. Any changes in condition or content while in your care will be noted and may lead to the suspension of borrowing privileges.

American Corner Prizren reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment or is repeatedly late in returning materials and/or electronic devices.