This is a list of board and electronic games available at American Corner Prizren.

No.TitleImageNo. of Copies
1U.S.A. Floor PuzzleU.S.A. Floor Puzzle1
2Brain Quest, Smart!Brain Quest, Smart!1
3Puzzle Doubles, Giant ABC&123Puzzle Doubles, Giant ABC&1231
5Alphabet ExpressAlphabet Express1
6Up WordsUp Words1
7Last WordLast word1
8You've Been Sentenced!You've Been Sentenced!1
10Silly SentencesSilly Sentences1
11Electronic LabyrinthElectronic Labyrinth1
13Puzzle Doubles, Find it! ABCPuzzle Doubles, Find it! ABC1
14Ticket to RideTicket to Ride1
15The Scrambled States of America: GameThe Scrambled States of America Game1
18Pictionary ManPictionary Man1
19Clue the Classic EditionClue the Classic Edition1
23Don't Say it!Don't Say it!1
24Apples to ApplesApples to Apples1
25The Settlers of CatanThe Settlers of Catan1
26Last word the GameLast word the Game1
27Apples to Apples JuniorApples to Apples Junior1
30Wii: Super Mario GalaxyWii Super Mario Galaxy1
31Wii: World of ZooWii World of Zoo1
32Wii Puzzle ChallengeWii Puzzle Challenge1
33Wii Just Dance 3Wii Just Dance 31
34Wii Endless Ocean: Blue WorldWii Endless Ocean Blue World1
35Wii my Fairytale AdventureWii my Fairytale Adventure1
36Wii SportsWii  Sports1
37Wii Dance Kids 2Wii Dance Kids 21
38Wii Chicken RiotWii Chicken Riot1
39Wii the Legenda of Zelda Wii the Legenda of Zelda1
40Wii Sing 4Wii Sing 41
41Wii Family Game Night 3Wii Family Game Night 31
42Wii Angry BirdsWii Angry Birds1
43Wii MariokartWii Mariokart1
44Wii Back to SchoolWii  Back to School1